Friday, 8 February 2013


New blog !
I have decided to start a compleletly knew blog, i feel like this one is not very self expressive, frankly im getting lost. my new one is simple, more image based, and will mostly feature my inspirations and style. basically its more me.
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Monday, 4 February 2013

A tad bit moody

Denim jacket: Vintage Market, turtle neck jumper: Zara, velvet leggings: Charity shop, mini backpack: Charity shop, boots: vintage market

Ahhhh! I didn't realise how cold it was until i went outside, hence the ''i really don't want to be doing this expression'' above. I wore this on Saturday( I know centuries ago1) to buy a few bits and bobs for a birthday dinner in the evening. Is ought of felt a glimpse of hope when the sun showed its shameless face earlier that weak, that was until i went outside and was thoroughly deceived. I am in love with my velvet leggings, i wear them almost all the time, they go with everything, with a little bit of layering underneath, i am kept me soo warm.

Love Ben
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