Friday, 28 December 2012

it's Christmas time guys so SHARE THE LOVE--the love of fashion

                                                          Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas. this is just a random post i came across this picture and fell in love with its simplicity, sort of appropriate right? Everyone knows that Christmas time is for family, love, Home Alone and all that gooey nonsense. so Here's a bunch of images that I'm loving.

 images from tumblr art/urban art
Fashion is expected to change. People not so much
Fashion culture
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Friday, 21 December 2012

Bye bye T4

It can't be just me that is sulking over the ending of T4 lol, but seriously I can't believe it's ending, this show was made for the hangovers, and even though I'm not a hangover person it was always nice to see my favourite shows. It has also launched so many careers, our IT girl Alexa Chung, Miquita Oliver they were all products of this show. Although I wasn't to keen on the presenting part (not enough patience guys) i still watched it because these people had impeccable style. Here are a few presenters that I'm completely and utterly jealous of..
Jameela jamil   
gotten from
Georgie Okell
Nick Grimshaw

Saturday, 15 December 2012

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hello there!
Yes i'm like a week late but i had to put it on here, it was just amazing, this was the first official fashion show i'd been to, it was so cool, so much time and effort had gone into it. The designs were amazing, wish i'd sat closer though, just to feel the full impact and get a closer look at those shirtless models. The stalls were great too and the vibe was incredible, so many different styles and so may cool people, i especially loved the vintage section, it was so original and inspiring. I seriously wanted to buy the whole of the menswear in ASOS Marketplace. ooh and love the taxi (seen above) it was so vintage, i could live in there! I'm definetley going next year!
ps. I might do a post on what i was wearing. Until then.

Monday, 10 December 2012

lov yo style

gotten from Karla's closet via printerest 

all images from pinterest
So i was going through pinterest the other day you know looking for inspiration, i mean half of these outfits i probably wouldn't wear half of these outfits they look so cool and effortless and if not plain hot! girrrl crushes! I really do salute a woman who can go out in a tutu, and still holds her head high and proud, that's real style.  Loving the jazzy type quirky shoes, really feeling the 50's look here.oh and ripped jeans, a biker jacket paired with deep lipstick and shades are totally badass.   I had to limit it down to just these though, there were literally too many cool people on there.  
<a href=""><img src="" alt="IFB"/></a>

Sunday, 2 December 2012

them long ass braids

Mother's turtle neck,vintage cardigan, vintage jeans,vintage booties, necklace&earings: brick lane market 

hey people! thought i'd give you guys a proper OOTD, a snippet of my style, and some of the clothes that make my heart stop! i wore this to a little dinner at nando's to celebrate a friends birthday,thought i'd go 90's casual dressy. Like i said 'long ass braids', i had them during the summer,got bored of them and took them out.I recentlystarted mssing them, because i saw everyone rocking them so well, and now here they are and longer than before, wierd,but i'm not complaining, because i do love them, i also got them lighter,little bit tired of black. Well ta ta i'm gonna of and drown in coursework.

love benx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

hey cool people!

(just in case you were curious) camo: deptford market, body-con made into skirt: Topshop, boots: Vintage
Sooo this is me, so excited to be starting this blog, have been wanting to for aages!
This blog will be based on pretty much anything that tickles my fancy, but mainly my personal style and what inspires me the most, street style.
P.s those boots are literally falling apart and here i am, slaughtering them, seriously need to leave them alone.