Friday, 8 February 2013


New blog !
I have decided to start a compleletly knew blog, i feel like this one is not very self expressive, frankly im getting lost. my new one is simple, more image based, and will mostly feature my inspirations and style. basically its more me.
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Monday, 4 February 2013

A tad bit moody

Denim jacket: Vintage Market, turtle neck jumper: Zara, velvet leggings: Charity shop, mini backpack: Charity shop, boots: vintage market

Ahhhh! I didn't realise how cold it was until i went outside, hence the ''i really don't want to be doing this expression'' above. I wore this on Saturday( I know centuries ago1) to buy a few bits and bobs for a birthday dinner in the evening. Is ought of felt a glimpse of hope when the sun showed its shameless face earlier that weak, that was until i went outside and was thoroughly deceived. I am in love with my velvet leggings, i wear them almost all the time, they go with everything, with a little bit of layering underneath, i am kept me soo warm.

Love Ben
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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

in those shoes....

Roscoe Cutout Boot
all image from google images
Ola people!
I've been lusting after these monsters for aagggees! So i decided to let out all of this excitement through this post. I love the fact that these boots are so tough, its like they've got a voice of their own. They have all the features of a hard rocker, the heavy gold metal, leather and the stomp stomp heels, these are what makes these horrid beauties the whole package. I am especially loving how they look with something flowy and massive tees. This is what i would call the thorough biker.  
ta ta love Ben.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

In circular motion

hey dolls!
Just wanted to show of my new babies, aren't they incredible. I have decided to name them Delilah,in my household we have a habit of naming some of our properties. for example my frigdes' name is Catherine, yes we are a bunch of weirdo's lol. i have chosen this name because they are somewhat soulful yet add a lot of impact.  
You guys may have noticed me changing my blog name a few times and deleting some posts, well that was me just me finding my niche and knowing exactly what I'm blogging about, i don't want to end up all over the place. Right now I am happy with the way things are looking, and have decided not to publish a post unless i am 100% happy with it.
ooh and don't mind the little sticker thing still being on Delilah, i fear that if i take it of she won't be new anymore. oh and they are from 'The clock tower market' in Greenwich and only £5 ( i know bargain!), the jumper is vintage via my mama and the beanie is from H&M.
Have a lovely Sunday guys.
Love Ben