Sunday, 27 January 2013

In circular motion

hey dolls!
Just wanted to show of my new babies, aren't they incredible. I have decided to name them Delilah,in my household we have a habit of naming some of our properties. for example my frigdes' name is Catherine, yes we are a bunch of weirdo's lol. i have chosen this name because they are somewhat soulful yet add a lot of impact.  
You guys may have noticed me changing my blog name a few times and deleting some posts, well that was me just me finding my niche and knowing exactly what I'm blogging about, i don't want to end up all over the place. Right now I am happy with the way things are looking, and have decided not to publish a post unless i am 100% happy with it.
ooh and don't mind the little sticker thing still being on Delilah, i fear that if i take it of she won't be new anymore. oh and they are from 'The clock tower market' in Greenwich and only £5 ( i know bargain!), the jumper is vintage via my mama and the beanie is from H&M.
Have a lovely Sunday guys.
Love Ben