Sunday, 2 December 2012

them long ass braids

Mother's turtle neck,vintage cardigan, vintage jeans,vintage booties, necklace&earings: brick lane market 

hey people! thought i'd give you guys a proper OOTD, a snippet of my style, and some of the clothes that make my heart stop! i wore this to a little dinner at nando's to celebrate a friends birthday,thought i'd go 90's casual dressy. Like i said 'long ass braids', i had them during the summer,got bored of them and took them out.I recentlystarted mssing them, because i saw everyone rocking them so well, and now here they are and longer than before, wierd,but i'm not complaining, because i do love them, i also got them lighter,little bit tired of black. Well ta ta i'm gonna of and drown in coursework.

love benx


  1. This outfit is so 90's I LOVE IT !!!! you look mad cute!!!

    I follow you ca you follow back?